The Cast

Name: Baxter
Notes of Interest: Used the Sins to act on his desire to be a superhero. His powers came to an end when, while under the influence of the Petty Golem, Baxter turned on a town and the Sins, forcing Lust to put a painful stop to his actions

Name: Jin
Notes of Interest: Abandoned as a baby, Jin takes a liking to Sins as not just friends, but more as a surrogate family. A rather odd, downright weird surrogate family.

Name: Alicia
Notes of Interest: A little stuck up and with more than a minor violent streak, Alicia reveled in her Sins and was willing to go along with a little of the mayhem they caused. Not wanting to return to her drole life, Alicia had a stand off with the Sins, ultimately forcing them to take on younger forms and accompany her in the horrors of growing up and education.

Name: "Fluffy"
Notes of Interest: Woken before his time, “Fluffy” found himself tagging along with the Virtues instead of the Sins and became the shamed owner of a lousy nickname by Content’s hands. Now known by his real name, Filo is a necromancer that works with Murdoch, the Sins, and the Virtues.

Name: Marlowe
Notes of Interest: Initially found and trained by the Tarot as a baby, Marlowe then went on to meet up with the Sins at a time of Cosmic trouble with Balance sick and the Sins down a team member. After totally not being kidnapped by Chastity, Marlie brought the three groups together for only a few threatened beatings and one good punch.

Sin: Sloth
Vice: None, Sloth is an Original Sin
Special Abilities: When Sloth has a full body it is capable of morphing itself when angered or severely injured

Sin: Lust
Vice: None, Lust is an Original Sin
Special Abilities: Able to transform possessed humans

Sin: Anger
Vice: None, Anger is an Original Sin
Special Abilities: Able to manifest spiked or slashing weapons for itself or its host

Sin: Anger
Vice: Pettiness
Special Abilities: Its standard form is actually a miniturized version of how Pettiness really looks.

Sin: Pride
Vice: Grandeur
Special Abilities: None displayed so far

Sin: Envy
Vice: Desire
Special Abilities: Able to grow in size and proportionate strength at will

Sin: Gluttony
Vice: Craving
Special Abilities: Able to eat just about anything it can gets its mouth around

Sin: Greed
Vice: Hoarding
Special Abilities: Its body serves as an interdimensional storage space for items stolen during its time in the Human Realm

Sin: Pride
Vice: None, Pride is an Original Sin
Special Abilities: Pride has the ability to morph into people and show them how they would turn out on various life paths

Sin: Pride
Tarot: Fortune
Special Abilities: Fortune serves as a focal point of luck, be it good or bad, but she has no control over how her power manifests itself

Sin: Envy
Vice: None, Envy is an Original Sin
Special Abilities: Envy's tough exterior makes it impervious to most normal harm

Sin: Envy
Vice: Flattery
Special Abilities: Flattery can store small objects in its regenerating head for further use. Also quite adept at annoying people and invoking ire.
Sin: Greed
Vice: None,Greed is an Original Sin
Special Abilities: Agile and frantic, its prehensile tail aides in Greed's incessant pick-pocketing and thievery, even if it loses interest immediately after stealing an object.
Sin: Gluttony
Vice: Gorging
Special Abilities: Gorging feeds mainly on blood and fresh meat and has trouble controlling herself in their presence, her tentacles and the suckers on her hands leech blood from her victims, Craving's "sister"

Sin: Envy
Vice: Jealousy
Special Abilities: Jealousy is able to copy parts of the appearance and abilities of other demons. It doesn't gain full knowledge of how to properly use these powers and is limited to only two at a time

Sin: Gluttony
Vice: None, Gluttony is an Original Sin
Special Abilities: Gluttony has the power to infinitely regenrate itself at the cost of being cursed with a need to constantly consume. Unlike the rest of the Gluttonies, the original had no requirements on what could fuel itself so it feeds on dirt and flesh alike, with a preference for living prey. After tearing apart Pride in their battle against the Virtues and trying to eat the first host and doom the Sins, Lust and Pride were forced to sew Gluttony's beak shut

Virtue: Labor
Marking: On chest, unable to stay at rest for long periods of time
Notes of Interest: Able to change size at will, prone to fits of uncontrollable rage when angered

Virtue: Chastity
Marking: On forehead, prohibits her from engaging in forms of sexual release
Notes of Interest: Well read and trained in many different skills

Virtue: Joy
Marking: On forehead, takes delight in her actions whether good or bad
Notes of Interest: Apathetic towards her job except when she stands to gain from it

Virtue: Modesty
Marking: Unseen, unwilling to display its form
Notes of Interest: Will place top priority on hiding its identity at the cost of almost anything

Virtue: Content
Marking: Left arm, she will accept most people or situations easily and adapt to meet the needs of the time
Notes of Interest: Accepts the Sins and wants to befriend them

Virtue: Fast
Marking: On chest, unable to eat or drink of his own free will
Notes of Interest: Extraordinarily fragile and weak

Virtue: Sharing
Marking: On chest, has to share any possessions that will be used for good when asked nicely
Notes of Interest: Doesn’t trust the Sins but doesn’t wish to fight with them either


Tarot: Empress
Notes: Leader of a group of Forces known as the Tarots. She and her inner circle are a group of semi-immortal Forces that are reborn whenever they die. Start at page B15 to catch up on all the known Tarot:

Name: Murdoch
Notes: A necromancer hired by the Sins for various tasks. His long hair hides a single red horn caused by his work poisoning his body. Murdoch's powers also allow him to create golem bodies for spirits and souls to reside in, but they have a limited lifespan

Name: Balance

Notes of Interest: After the defeat of Death, the Sins used the free Universal energy to craft a Force of their own. The Sins didn't do the best job of crafting her, so she tends to be ditzy and more than a little flighty, but she cares deeply for the Forces of the world (but stays a little biased in the Sins's favor). Balance is intimately tied to the Universe's stability and has left on her own to clear up problems that the Sins, Virtues and Tarot have created over the years.