Art Commissions

Artwork commissions are available by emailing me. It's best to know what you want in terms of character(s), features, body type, poses, and clothing, because the more I know about what you want, the better I can make your picture. The commission process is as follows: a quick sketch is made to flesh out the pose and character, the pencil work is made, inking is done, the picture is colored, and shading and finalizing are done.


Single/First character -$30
Each additional character- $10

Anything extra can be worked out at the start of the commission, such as backgrounds, if you want the picture mailed to you on a CD, you want the sketch and inked versions mailed to you, you want something special/extra in the picture, etc, etc. The more complex the picture is (above and beyond the characters), the more it will cost, but these things can always be worked out beforehand.

Ad Sales

Ads or sponsorship are available for sale. They will be posted in the comic notes as a picture and a link. The pricing is $10 for one week for webcomics and personal sites; anything larger than that will be worked out on a case to case basis.

I will also draw ads for you (featuring characters from the comic or your design) for $15.

Thank You!