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Posted by Pip

A1- Seven Sins On A Dead Man's Chest

Hello once and again, Sinners. Bleah, bad name for a fanbase. We’ll work on that. Much like the proverbial bleach shower or eye flush station, the old comics are cleared, all comments and votes are reset, and Sins: Venials is fresh, new, and ready to be underway. Those/Most of you that haven’t read the first series may be a bit confused here and there but I’ll try to do my best to fill in any blanks (this series is intended as a continuation of the Sins’ existence/stories). Of course, if you so desire, the old series is available in handy .rar format (this series has pirates yet sadly .yarrr format has not arrived), but it’s still 43 MB, so it’s a touch hefty.
I went through a lot of ideas and while they did spark interest in my focus groups (Hi, Jay!), Sins ranked up there with them and me as being a project I could stick with and wouldn’t lose any interest in. The Venials line is intended as “short” stories that take place along the timeline, rather than a long, singular one like Rhett’s story. Then again, this first story is about 54 pages, so it’s not short, short. And yes the title is intended as a joke. Whereas a company like Marvel chooses a grand name, Venial Comics is just oh so self-deprecating, yet the religious pun is still the main appeal. Sadly I had a missionary completely miss the “venial sin” joke (Hi, Jay!). Ah well. To those you that got it, it made me laugh.
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Thanks and enjoy your stay!