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C-25 Magician's Secrets Revealed

What better way to show a person up than by actually morphing into them. That’s the ultimate one-upmanship. Not only did you say X, but here’s your body and your voice saying it!
We finally meet Miranda’s dad! He’s geeky looking, but there’s a hint that he could be a keen guy after all. And after being stuck in the habit, Lust subtly makes her outfit a touch more showy and similar to her “standard” dress.

And we have a winner for our very first Button Day comic!
The not so winning entries will be posted shortly on a page in the gallery. You may be wondering why Spathicblond won this time around when there were entries that were along the same lines as hers. Hers entertained me the most because she took it in a specific direction. That, and she had an insult that would be at home on Monkey Island and offered us all a chance to reflect on the soothing classical rhythms of one, Sir Mix-A-Lot. A lot of the entries hinted at going in the same direction as her but I wanted to reward her for having a sight and going for it, in a humorous way nonetheless. Not that it was an easy choice because there were lots of good entries. Bonus points to Kline and Valgaav for naming our human. And such a keen name at that too, Valgaav!
Comic 2 will be posted on Wednesday, so don’t get discouraged if you didn’t win and get back to writing!
Wow. Just, just wow.