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Posted by Pip

LG13- Scrimshaw Is Always The Answer

Hugs aren't met with swords to the face this time so they prove to be the wise choice! If only she'd just let Greed do the double-hug in the battlefield, this comic would be a whole lot friendlier and I could get back to writing the arcs are patting bunnies and brushing ponies. Soon, Sins: Winsomes, soon.

Today's update marks's 1000th update! Page 1000 will come in a day or two wince there are a couple of filler pages included in there, but it's 1000 enough for a celebration!

This week's TWC voting incentive celebrates update 1000 by traveling to a time before Pip webcomics roamed the Earth! Egads! Why not vote and check it out?

Modesty and Chast insulting Labor just wasn't enough for some readers! Friend of the show, Jay, had to take it a step further and take Chastity's vacation to strange new places and faraway lands. Thanks, Jay!