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Posted by Pip

SM1- Second Only To Cake On A Stick

We leave Chastity to her vacation and pop in for another flashback to let her rest. This arc starts up after the last flashback (the LFL- Lust's First Love series) with a full hatred of humans in effect but offset by the addition of Greed to the team. Greed cheers up any bloodthirsty party!

This month's donation wallpaper focuses on some lovable side characters for the holidays and winter wonderlands and such:

We had a donation to Mercs as well so that counter is ever closer to a new page!

The searches leading to the site were a bit disappointing in the humor category this month. Whole lotta ones I'm not willing to retype or stick into Google to see if I can find how they led to Sins though. And we got hundreds of hits from Russian mail order bride companies. That... that's more worrisome than funny.
“what do chicken pox look like at the start?” - By default the funniest search for November. And because it's not that funny, a fun fact about me: I still have marks from chicken pox as a kid. My body just seriously hates me.

Oh and speaking of that lovable side character... The continuation and ender of A Vice's Quest is out! I tried to get it out for the 1000th update but missed it by just that much.

You can download it here (link is now in the Swag section too):

The standard Game Maker issues apply. Only works on PC, doesn't run on everything, but it's free! Can't complain about compatibility when it's free. Game Maker started including a stupid watermark inside the game now and that didn't show up during the building process so it was an unpleasant surprise to see that pop up after building the final code. Sorry about that.