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Posted by Pip

SM2- Girth Not Length

It's a battle of the pointy ears! Evil detection is all in the wiggle-able accessories. And you thought Lust's ears were just for fashion. I don't know what Greed's excuse is then. Maybe evil's presence comes out of the ground and Lust is too tall and Greed spends a lot of time riding shoulders. Or Lust and Greed just have evil ADD and can't focus on one locus of damnation for long enough. Morality is so complicated!

Mercynaries updated over the weekend too! The laddies/ladies of the Mercs are off on their first mission!

This week's TWC voting picture is Sloth scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the Tarot. Then again, it's the Tarot so that's a bottom heavy barrel to begin with. Zing! Follow the link or you can always use Greed's lovable banner.