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SM3- Going To Need A Bigger Hug

A Sin not playing fair! What IS this world coming to? Well apparently it's a world where there are crazy muppet monsters smashing up buildings. That's what happens when you cheat, kids! A giant lizard monster will crush your home and destroy everybody you've ever loved. All right, now that the educational component of this arc is over, let's get on with the fun!

Quick Reviews: Books!
Chew Vol 3- My love of Chew goes unabated but I don't like the direction they took with Tony in this volume. The comic normally works because Tony is such a good guy and the last sane man around but here he treats his girlfriend poorly and has some weird family issues. They introduce a new component to his character on the last pages that is going to take A LOT to redeem but I have enough faith in the writing that I'm happy to look forward to the next book to see what they do. Volume 3 provides some answers in the wider story and moved some of the mystery forward but the first two books felt like completed stories as parts of a grander whole. This one feels like a couple of collected individual issues with no real pay off.

The Hollow Planet- It's a comic written by Scott Thompson about Danny Husk from Kids in the Hall. If you're going to like this comic, that sentence alone is probably all you needed. The biggest problem is that it's just not that funny. They went oddly serious with the story and Danny doesn't feel like the lovable doof from the show. You could have kind of stuck any everyman into the role for the same effect. And since it's Scott Thompson, there's a lot of sexual stuff that's just tedious by the end. It's funny and I picked it up super cheap so I can't be too harsh on it but I was hoping for more.

Mega Man Megamix Vol 1- The Robot Masters and enemies look great but Ariga's Mega Man looks kind of funky. I think it's because he isn't smooth and his armor doesn't have the clean, compact lines. But like with the games, the Robot Masters are why you're here and they're awesome. I love that they go into detail as to why each RM has its weakness. It fleshes out the silly mental gymnastics you go through trying to figure out the inane logic behind bosses' weaknesses and once you know the answer, it all makes some kind of crazy sense. Of COURSE Ice Man is weak to the Elec Beam because his tiny frame is a way to be super efficient and reduce his energy use in arctic areas with the downside that his conductors are vulnerable to being overcharged. Duh. The fights are over rather quickly though with several RMs dying off-camera or being defeated in a single shot.
Side-note: I never knew that some of the bosses in MM2 could heal themselves until I read that in the book's interview with Inafune. And it's actually a story point in one of the comics. Mega Man comics, they're educational!