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Posted by Pip

C-26 Deity of Feuding

And that young man grew up and his name was Kratówait, no.
Did I throw you for a loop there? The Sins made the gauntlets. You TOTALLY didnít see that one coming. Ha! Man thatís crazy. ManÖ
Poor Pride, used to be so tall and now itís shorter than Lust.

And of courseÖ Itís time for Button Day Part 2! *clap clap clap* Iím hoping you sinners/Slap Eggs make them part of a larger story, but if you want to make them all one-shot comics, itís your choice.
This time around we have Lust working on something (sporting a cute lab coat nonetheless) and the Sins worried about a little girl that appears to be looking for the host from the previous page. Who knows whatís going?! The Shadow and you!

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