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Posted by Pip

SM11- Doing Murdoch Proud

There are all kinds of goo in this story! And really, what kind of epic origin story doesn't have goo? Wolverine has metal goo injected into him. Science lets Spider-Man shoot and swing from goo. A giant sentient puddle of goo guns down Bruce Wayne's parents. Goo is everywhere, people.
Man is this one confusing origin story. We need some Sins trading cards to clear this up. How am I supposed to root for characters if I don't know their power levels?!

Hopefully this week's holidaytastic edition of a TWC voting incentive picture will be more calming. You can't spell Mercynaries without “Merry”! Well, it takes some rearranging and putting the other letters elsewhere in an amusing manner. It's another Mercs edition of an anagrams picture is all I'm trying to say.