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Posted by Pip

SM13- Mehnster

And thus brings to an end the last time anybody put any effort into actually fearing Sloth. Wailing on Labor and Envy doesn't count as fear, more begrudgery, and those two had it coming. Lust might not have been quite so gung ho about smiting the monster if she knew it would be helping humans. That's right. You make her feel bad and ditch her, you get smooshed by a Sloth monster! That's how the world works, Mister!
And yes, Google tells me that “begrudery” is actually a real word even if spell check gripes about it.

Thanks to more kind readers, we had another donation to the site so we're one step closer to another Mercynaries page. Thanks to everybody that donated this year and saw DDG come to its finale and got the Mercs up and running! If anybody that donates wants to be personally named/mentioned/plugged on the main page, just let me know when you donate. I try to err on the side of privacy so I don't name donators, but I'd certainly be happy to give an extra kudos to you by name/alias.

We'll have some New Year's-y pictures next week, so for now, have a good one and don't do anything the Sins wouldn't do!
…On second thought, don't do anything they WOULD do. If I find police reports that you're out there morphing party hosts and shoving their coffee tables into wormholes in your chest, frankly I'll be rather impressed, but then on Monday I'll have to give a lecture.