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SM14- For Educational Purposes Only

It was thanks to Sloth that the Sins learned their most valuable lessons! And of course the lesson that would eventually lead to their downfall but it's a bummer to think of it that way. Maybe all this will rekindle Lust's interest in humanity. They're not so bad when they worship and adore you. Might makes right and who is mightier than the team that can take down a rampaging monster! Labor when he jams a giant sword through them, but, again, that's a bummer.

As we celebrate the end of month, let's look forward to 2012! Will it be the year the succubae finally get tired of being the Spirit Realm's joke and conquer it to a semi-willing audience? Will necromancers put their feet up and take the year off while zombie minions do the dishes? Will the Mayans' predictions of the Tarot causing the end of the world come true?! Who knows! Here are the funny search strings that led to the site for the end of last year:
“xenomorph” - I watched the Alien Blu-ray over the break. Not funny, just saying. (It was awesome. Two commentary tracks!)
“boombox cake ideas” - If you can make a boombox out of cake or somehow cake-ify a boombox, my hat is off to you, good sir!
Some weird Ben 10 searches I totally don't get and a whole lot of things I don't want to repeat in good company. Thank the gods those two searches weren't about the same thing.

We start the new year off with a Tarot wallpaper! Curse you, Mayaaans!
There are some problems with being eternally reborn. Especially when you get carded.

The Mercs start off our TWC voting for the new year. Let's dominate the charts this year and show what for to all those comics above. Of the what for they'll experience!

I mention Mercs donations in the last update and already we have somebody jumping on board. Big thanks to Ian for his donation. Long time readers of course know that Ian is nerdcore personified so everybody else can check out his group, The League, and some of their tracks. Their mixtape is here:

Watch their making of video for Welcome 2 My World here:

Probably best to throw a few age restriction warnings in there just to be safe.