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Posted by Pip

V1- Virtepilogue Finale

Chast is finally back from her vacation! Relaxed, rested, and more than a touch paranoid that the team will have forgotten her or will kick her to curb, denying her all power, leadership, and and and! Gaaasp. Buuut thankfully, her team is maddening and maybe a touch stupid so she's still useful!
Slight redesign on Chastity after her break. I wanted to change her hair and dress a bit but I think it still maintains her essence. Essence du Chastity. Worst selling perfume ever.

Hey Slapeggs and Galpegs, during the holiday break, I've been messing around with a new game making program (Construct 2) and I'm looking for some feedback, please.
I uploaded the tutorial level and it's by no means finished (some missing art, temp graphics, jump sprites are a touch messed up) but I'm trying to see if anybody has any problems playing it, especially if the GameMaker 8 games (the Vice's games) wouldn't run for you. Does it run on a Mac, I don't know but I think it should so that's why I'm coming to you! The requirements that I do know are that it requires an HTML 5 compatible browser (if you have the latest Chrome, IE, or Firefox you should be good to go) and that you can't be running a Javascript blocker (NoScript, etc).
If you want to leave some feedback on the game itself, that's keen too, thanks. The tutorial is super quick (one small area, one mini-battle, and some story panels) so it shouldn't take you more than five minutes. There's sound too, so that's your playing at work notice.
Arrow keys to move
Shift to jump
Space to attack

The test is uploaded at: