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V2- Actiiing

If this whole “keeping the Universe from imploding” thing doesn't work out for the Virtues, Chastity can at least go the theater route and hone her craft. Sure she's a bit on the nose, but with some practice, she'll be a master thespian able to deceive anybody with her wiles. Oooor, Modesty is totally on to her and just wants some peace and quiet back so it's willing to play along.
Next page: She finds out that she's being hired back at a pay cut. Curse you, lack of employee rights for the imaginary forces of the Universe given physical form! Just wait until she finds out she doesn't get overtime pay.

Don't forget to leave your comments for the VonFroya game, please! I'm using a new program to build it, so I need to know how it's running for everybody.
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Quick Reviews- Books!
11/22/63 - You read 100 or so pages, put the book down, think back on it, and realize that absolutely nothing worthwhile just happened. The books throws subplot after subplot after you and none of them are necessary. The main plot and idea are fantastic so the book doesn't need any of the extraneous characters or stories. The first 200 pages and the last hundred or so are all about the time travel and the JFK assassination plots and they're fantastic. It's just the 500 pages in the middle that are rambling, boring, and feature a love story that reads like a teenager's awful sexual fantasy. For a Stephen King book, it ended fairly well. Endings have never been his strong point but this one went mostly how I wanted it to and had a pretty good resolution touching on the mysteries you wanted explained but never completely spelling everything out.

Chew Volume 4- Volume 4 kind of picks off where 3 ended with some time skips. They really ignore the major family aspect that was introduced in the last book and the the finale and set up in volume 3 goes away with no real resolution. It still feels like a jumble of unrelated comics rather than a cohesive book like volumes 1 and 2, but it does feel like they're bringing it together a bit more. Characters are consolidating/dying off so they're going off on fewer tangents. My main complaint is that there are too many people like Chu now. Every other character in the comic has some kind of special power now and it lessens how interesting the set up was and Chu doesn't really stand out any more. I am still interested in how everything will come together but now the journey to get there doesn't seem quite as thrilling.