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Posted by Pip

V3- Probably Right Too

At least Labor has been paying attention! If only he added “they overcame adversity and grew from it”, he would be pretty spot on. The Sins are going to have to start shaking things up to get everybody to stay on their toes. Some slap fights, snark, and learning that good things happen to bad people should be enough to get them on track. If only the Sins were willing to be a little evil... At least until Greed schedules dates with two different succubi on the same night. At the same restaurant!

This week's TWC voting incentive is part 1 of a look at what could have been with the Sins on a different team and also a look into what could have been for the comic itself. When tooling around with ideas for a comic, I aaalmost went with the Four Horsemen instead of the Seven Sins. I ultimately went against it because the cast would be too limited if I stuck with only four and the Horsemen seemed a little more played out. And we wouldn't have Sloth! I wouldn't want to live in that world.

Mercynaries updated this weekend too! We get a look at the backstory for the Mercs' first client and given her figure, you know I had to struggle to not say “baby got backstory”.