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Posted by Pip

PC5- Almost Had A Fish Host

Content got fluffy pillows and tasty drinks from how she treated her boss. Be a smart-ass and you get Labor's reward: hanging out at the docks at night and some impromptu diving for a gauntlet that probably sinks really quickly. Maybe he got to pick a few fights with pirates while waiting though. That kind of balances everything out. Plus, he got to sneak a peek at Miss P and G in their stylin' robes!

Mercynaries updated this weekend so head on over and get your read on!
I promise to never say “get your read on” ever again or until I forget that I've said it before and shame myself again in the future.

TWC has a new voting incentive image and it's back to a Sins-only anagrams week. The Sins are good for marathon training and Labor doesn't like competition.

Just a heads up on the chatbox. If you leave an anonymous question through Chatango, I can't reply to it, so go through email instead! So whomever it was that left a message on Friday about games, shoot me an email if you want me to respond. The address is at the bottom of the page or you can click that “Posted by Pip” link.