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Posted by Pip

PC8- Hormoaning And Complaining

Gluttony provides a less than stellar attempt at subterfuge. She wears glasses. You can trust her.
Pace is a teenager from a world that gave Lust enough power and influence to take on physical form and rule the supernatural realm. You have to expect a certain amount of gawking from a kid in that kind of universe. Or maybe he's just a fan of short hair. Yeah, I'm totally sure that's what they're talking about. Told you that books were bad for kids.

Taxes were paid this weekend so the Sins and I are square with The Man for another year. Sharing is proud and Greed is weeping in the corner. At least until it's time to pay quarterly taxes again. Then there's more weeping.

And speaking of monies, we had some more donations to the site so the Merc's counter has been lowered once again. Thanks to everybody that donated!

This week's TWC voting incentive sees Lust raiding the closet before Sloth can get there and trying on a new outfit. Voting for Sins is part of a well-Balanced morning routine. Eh? Eh? Ehhh? Ha.