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PC9- They Knew What They Were Signing Up For

So is Pride suggesting that the team tracks down Lust for her company, leadership prowess, or just so these two don't have to explain to Pace how to do his job? Vote and decide! But hey, Pace is inquisitive and isn't asking for godly powers right out of the gate so he has a good head on his shoulders and hopefully can teach the gang why arson is frowned upon in polite society. The more you know, indeed.

We've bid January good-bye and it's February once more. Not just February, but an extra long one at that! Let's start it off by looking back at amusing search strings that somehow led people from Google to Sins. Oh, and searches for “Mercynaries” are now getting more link backs than “DDG”! People like Divinity more than Death. Go figure.
“nbc sports network programming” and “2011 nfl playoff schedule printable” - What? You're asking about sports from me? I make jokes about grammar, what makes you think I even know things about the Super Bowl? I just Googled “Super Bowl” to find out when it is. (This weekend, apparently)
“kim wedgies shego” - Back to sports. Back to sports!
And of course, several searches I don't want to repeat in good company and more about Ben10 for some reason.

One good thing about February, we finally get a Lupercalia wallpaper! Long has it been awaited, the holiday with the official stamp of approval of the Sins. Nudity, parties, fertility, sacrifices. Paganism has it all, baby. Several of those things you will not find in this wallpaper. Although, I guess Sloth is technically naked. Is it still considered nudity if you don't have anything to cover up?

Donate at least a dollar or contribute some fan art/some other impressive fan work like making a statue of Gluttony out of those chalky candy hearts that I'm convinced nobody actually likes and this wallpaper can be yours!

Posted by Pip

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