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Posted by Pip

PC10- Just Wait Until She Gets Missionaries

Either Lust is getting her guards on the cheap or that is a woman that has met her wits' end with kids selling candy and wrapping paper. The only reason more fundraisers don't wind up arrows in the chest is the country's poor bow training educational system. Plus, guards to patrol your property, I suppose. And a lack of tall walls to fire from. And some strict anti-physical assault laws. Maybe people really like candy and cookies too.

Friend of the site, perennial updater, and person potentially on the run from the law and/or loan shark, Taralynn has finally updated her site with a notice! Head on over to read it, support her, or just confirm that she hasn't changed her name and is posing as a waitress in some small Midwestern town until she gets enough money to flee again. I'm pretty sure that's why websites go on hiatuses.

Just a quick update on the status of the VonFroya game I've been working on! Here's what I've finished up so far:
Tutorial and levels 1 and 2
Comic intros and outros for each stage
5 enemy types in the platforming areas
7 enemy types in the battles
New themes and environmental items for each stage
New power for the sous chef in each boss battle

You can still play the preview test build and provide feedback!