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PC11- I Think All People Are Secretly Evil

Nobody gets to mock Pride's appearance and walk away from it without some kind of embarrassment, pain, or immeasurable torment for the cruelty! She is lovable, adorable, and a boon to our Universe and you will get messed up if you test the bounds of her mercy! Lo, mortals, unto the majesty of- You know, we have a lot to cover here, you get the point.

This week's TWC voting incentive is another “What Happened To...” picture and shows the Sins's struggle with unintellectual properties. Don't forget that since it's a new month, the TWC rankings reset, so voting now helps even more!

Thanks to some kind donations, Mercs is ready for another update. The new page should be up in a day or two. Thanks to everybody that helped out the site!

And as always, thanks to the group of you that provide updates to the Sins Wiki and keep it current! Anybody can help out so don't make just a few people shoulder the burden!

And for something totally unrelated to Sins...
Okay, so about the Flim and Flam episode of MLP:FiM, was I wrong in rooting for Sweet Apple Acres to go out of business? Flim and Flam created a more efficient means of creating cider that resulted in more of a good product. Sure, they were full of hubris and their offer to the Apples to take 75% of the profits sounds really harsh but just look at the numbers. According to Twilight, Flim and Flam could produce five barrels of cider for every one the Apples could. If the Apples get 100 bits per barrel, Flim and Flam were generating 500 bits worth of cider, take 25% of that and you get 125 bits. So not only would the Apples be making MORE money by partnering with Flim and Flam , it would take only a fraction of the work to do so. The Apples would no longer have to harvest, sort, or mill the cider because the machine did all of that just as well as they could. The only reason Flim and Flam's cider wasn't as good at the end of the contest was because the Apples cheated by having Twilight and the gang join in. So what, now every day of cider season for every year from now to eternity, is the gang going to pitch in and work themselves to exhaustion just so Granny Smith (would already seemingly owns a monopoly on apples, Zap Apples, AND cider) can make more money? Friendship may be magic, but eventually the others will want to live their own lives and not be slaves to the Apples and the town's supply is going to drop off and leave the citizens without enough cider yet again. So Flim and Flam created a system whereby everybody involved makes more money, does less work, and provides cider for everybody to replace the Apple's system that required mass amounts of manual labor and didn't come close to ever meeting demand. And Flim and Flam are somehow the villains of the episode? Why are you so against progress and science, magical talking ponies!?