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Posted by Pip

PC14- The Elevator In The Back

Pride is learning a few tricks from Lust's travels with Rhett. Cheating your way up a mountain is a Sins tradition! Granted, Rhett at least got higher up his mountain before he started struggling. Scarfing down rich lady cereal has made you weak, Pace!
I view Jealousy as a bit of a naturalist. Hanging out on a mountain top and chilling with some birds. New Envy is zen.

This week's TWC voting picture is another dive back into the anagram pool. Or loop! Anagrams are a-mazing! It's got the Sins and the Mercs in it, so you know it's awesome before any mention of silly costumes and movie quotes.
Vote for us on TopWebComics because it's the right thing to do. And so you can see the picture.

A joyous Lupercalia to all our Slapeggs. May your sacrifices please the gods and your orgies not be something you'll have to shamefully explain the next day.