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Posted by Pip

PC15- Mutiny!

So there are downsides to picking The Big Guy as new teammates. Namely, they're Big. The proles are rising up against the luxurious masters of Sin! Not only is Envy back talking, but it's recruited some nasty looking birds as minions. Look out, Lust, that head-bird is going to try to mess you up!

So, any Slapeggs out there planning on picking up a Vita next week? Can we form some kind of awesome Hot Shots or Lumines league and smite other comics' readers? Of course if there are any Sony-type people that want to contribute a Vita or just some money-saving coupons to a poor, lovable artist so I can participate in said tournament, that would be ever so appreciated. What better way to spread the word of your new system than to sponsor a tournament that strikes fear into the hearts of those that oppose Slapeggs?! It would be Vitastic, even! Throw in a memory card and I promise to never say “Vitastic” again!