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Posted by Pip

PC17- He Has Reservations

Reservations. He's a waiter. Boom! Comedy GOLD, people. G'night, everybody!
The way to a woman's heart is through allowing her to see that she makes you cower in fear and that you'd never attempt to overthrow her or lead others in a coup to end her reign of dominance. Plus you totally get hugs that way! This relationship advice is yours to use, free of charge. Sorry this page was up a week after Valentine's Day.
And Gluttony apparently doesn't just feed on blood, but also the hopes and self-esteem of little kids too. That's what you get for feeling good about yourself, Pace! Even if you are right in that you're actually willing to put two and two together...

This week's TWC voting incentive has Sloth finishing off its perfect and indistinguishable from the real things impersonations of the Tarot we've encountered so far! The Empress wishes her teammates were that squishy and huggable!