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Posted by Pip

PC19- You Can Spell Trust Without Lust But It Is Close

The hosts' “issues” with animals strikes again! The rest of the Sins may go for the big monsters or the powerful hosts, but Sloth? Nay, Sloth is the thinking man's Evil. You hit the kids where it hurts and with a fuzzy adorable method of inflicting pain and tear down that child's self-esteem. Sure you can feel okay about yourself if you go beaten by a giant spider monster, but to have a sheepy thing maul you? Well that just hurts you on the inside and not just because of the bruising on your organs. Or you could look at it as Sloth and Lust being such a team that Sloth is willing to take up a host solely to punish somebody for not obeying Lust unquestionably. Which I think is a completely adorable way to look at the mauling of a child.