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Posted by Pip

C-29 Bet That Hurts

He… He is not a nice man.
Seriously, look at that guy. It’s bad enough getting punched in the face but then you’re getting punched in the face by a metal gauntlet but then you’re getting cut with the spikes coming off the side. That’s all kinds of not good. At least seven by my count. Also, people generally need their eyes. Or at least one.
Google and Wikipedia are awesome. Searching for celebrities and figures with one eye:
Tex Avery, Sammy Davis Jr (of course, we all know that one), Hannibal (odds are it was a war injury but it still counts), Alan Moore, Kirby Puckett, Dick Vitale, and Dr. Samuel Johnson to name a few. In your face, people with binocular vision.

The gallery should be updated soon/was updated depending on when you read this. Am I behind on sending any contributors their wallpaper?

And the, hopefully, awaited second page of Chris’s “Bound”:

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