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PC21- Nag A Ram

It WAS the birds after all! They fly off Envy's head and then BAM! It's offering rides to Pace and joining up with the team. Or Greed's fuzzy, lovable presence was a good enough influence to put Envy back on the right path.

It's a Leap Day update! I went back to see if this was our first, but no! The last one was during Alicia's arc so oh how far we've come since the last February 29th. Saying it that way makes it sound like barely any time at all has passed.

Quick Review: Batman Year One – The first half of the movie is Gordon complaining and all Bruce Wayne does is whine and mope through the story until the last five minutes. Everything is so melodramatic and over-written but with no payoff. If it weren't for the names, and eventual man in a bat costume, it's a very by-the-books cop movie. The one good cop, a corrupt police force, cop has a secret, etc, etc. By making the story “gritty” and “realistic”, it just makes the fantastical elements that much more groan-worthy, which oddly enough I didn't think was a problem with the recent live-action movies. If you can't make comic book action more believable in an animated movie, then you have a problem. I've never read the original Year One graphic novel and I can see some choices like the narration and gobs of exposition making sense in that form, but there's just no reason that this needed be made into a movie just a handful of years after Batman Begins retold most of the same story too. How many people out there even potentially interested in the material don't know Batman's origin story? How many times can you retell it? Honestly, the more I see it, the more it makes me think that Batman has a pretty lame origin story.