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Posted by Pip

PC22- Keeping Pace With A Marathon Man

If you can face off against monsters and demons, are some little scorpions really that much to worry about? They have what? A stinger and maybe some poison? A trifle for a pirate adventurer!
I resisted a “Get over here!” reference in the page title. Are you proud of me?

We had another donation to the site so the Mercs counter has been lowered once more! Thanks for the support!

This month's donation-incentive wallpaper features our favorite tale of morality and conveniently placed leaves and strands of hair. Way to ruin nudity, magic apples.

February may have been short, but we still got a few funny search strings that somehow led to Sins:
“evil of slander” - Slander isn't evil! She's everybody's favorite gossiping snake demon!
“pokemon hiero” - I can see the rest of the Tarot pelting Hiero with Pokeballs until he collapses, weeping.
“rafargle meaning” - It's life, man, life. And surprise, anger, and shock.
“sincomics miami law” - I think our Sins spinoff has been decided. Greed in sunglasses, a Hawaiian shirt, and packing heat is a surefire hit.
“ghostbusters displaced aggression misprint” and “saints row 3 puffy coat emporium” - It's nice knowing that my reviews are at least good for getting us to show up in odd searches.