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Posted by Pip

PC23- Invidia Bigicus

It's kind of hard to make an argument against Greed being interesting there, kiddo. Greed with extra limbs and ocular bits is undeniably fun! Labor might try to deny it just because Greed doesn't exactly muscle up its new arms, but then again, Labor is the kind of guy that would shove a lady to gawk at a rock. Good thing chivalry isn't a virtue.

It's a new month over at TWC so the ratings have been reset. Click! Vote now! The Sins and Mercs have come together in anagramed wonder to make it worth your mouse clickery.

And speaking of the Mercs... The next page should be up some time Monday night. Thanks for the donations and support, Slapeggs and and... we need a word for Mercs fans!

Shout out and Happy Birthday to friend of the show and provider of half my chromosomes, my dad! Have a good one, Dad.