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PC24- Whoda Thunk It

Labor's brain is breaking down and he's switched to his default behavior: Punch that thing. What IS wrong with Labor? Dude needs a few hugs, to be sat down, and maybe have a nice long talk and emotional journey to get to the bottom of all these fisticuffs. I just don't think any Sin, Virtue, or Tarot is mad enough to do that job. Maybe Sloth, but we know Labor and Sloth have... issues.

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Quick Review: Ys: The Oath in Felghana- I really enjoy the Ys games but the problem is that I keep forgetting the series exists. It's a shame Ys has never been more high-profile because it has the right mix of action and RPG elements that I like in a game, being like a Zelda game at double speed but with less block and item puzzles. Oath is a ground up re-imagining of Ys 3 for the SNES but it can hardly be called a remake with all the changes that went into it. I'm a touch saddened that it's not longer a sidescroller, but enough of those elements pop up that it still feels unique even compared to the 2D/good Zelda games. The 3D graphics can be a bit muddy or fuzzy at times so it can be hard to see a lot, if not most, of the enemies. The game is obsessed with hard to hit flying enemies and when you start taking damage from a tiny enemy you can't see because it's a brown bug on a brown floor or a dark blue bat (moth?) that's only a millimeter long on a black background, it can get frustrating. I have no clue what a good chunk of the enemies in the game are because I can't decipher their models. They certainly kept Ys's difficulty spikes, reliance on leveling up, and keeping on top of the gear for sale. Ys is a series where you can actually do 0 damage to enemies based solely on your level. Face a boss at level 5 and get rocked, well then just level up twice and upgrade your armor and you'll power through the fight with hardly a scratch. It is unfortunately capped off with a ridiculously bad final boss. If I hadn't checked an FAQ, I would have quit long before I figured how to actually hurt it. Ys 7 was a major disappointment with its plodding story, horrible intro, and just plain uninteresting first dungeon, but going back to the earlier titles worked out for Oath. I saw online that a remake of Ys 4 is coming out for the Vita, so that might tip the scales for me and I'll pick up the system if that comes out in the USA.