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Posted by Pip

PC25- InnoSint

And people in the chat thought that Lust backed down when Envy stood up to her! Silly people, Lust knows that there are more ways to win a fight than just getting your hands dirty. You let other people offer to get their own hands dirty! Lucky for Lust that Labor likes to win fights that take effort rather than just wailing on Envy before it gets to its temple. You might feel a teensy bit guilty if Labor were to pummel Envy down to sand in the first scuffle.

Another VonFroya update! And hopefully the last big one before release. All the main levels are done, all the characters are drawn, and just about everything is coded! All that's left is the epilogue area, the final comic pages, adding the enemy sound effects, working out a save system, and some bug fixes! Construct has been pretty nice to work in compared to GameMaker and I think the game is turning out well.