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Posted by Pip

PC26- Her Middle Name

If Lust is a fan of any adjective, it's got to be “ostentatious”. Of course, she'd describe herself as normal and reserved, but that kind of proves the point, doesn't it? At least she's here to speak up for the beautiful people that society ignores. Too long have the average lorded over us and determined what's acceptable. They spread their beliefs that having a minute waist would destroy your organs. They preach that having a chest like Lust's would be “excruciatingly painful” and would “destroy your spine”. Pshaw! Greed has a tiny waist and full curves and it's doing just peachy too. Of course, being homely myself, this could all be a part of my plan to overthrow the beautiful and the average alike...

This week's TWC voting incentive shows us a few more of the Sins if the Universe took the Robot Master route. The Envies make for some good classics.