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PC27- Can't Spell Child Labor Without Labor

Sooo Content has had how many thousands of years to really put some thought into what she's been doing at Chastity's side and yet she's been blithely going along with it. Nobody tell her that binding the Sins to the Gauntlet and cursing them with being shades might have been an unpleasant thing to do or her cute little head might pop. Pace handles all this with grace and aplomb: He eats his cookies in peace.

Quick Review: Burke and Hare- The story is more interesting than the movie so I don't know if that means the movie is a letdown or just that real life can be bizarrely fun at times. The characters are all despicably likable except for the seemingly tacked on love interest actress character. She really only serves to justify one decision made at the end of the movie (which is different from what happened in real life). If you're interested in the historical aspect, the movie is worth watching just for the epilogue and seeing what happened to the characters, but if you're in it for a comedy, ehhh.
One thing I couldn't help focusing on watching Andy Serkis is just how lazy motion capture artists are for games. You can't help but see any number of video game characters in him. The bad guy in Heavenly Sword isn't some fantasy evil dude, it's Andy Serkis in a cloak. The monkey guy in Enslaved isn't a monkey guy, he's a buff Andy Serkis. You can use him as a template but just slapping his face onto a video game character is so so lazy.