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Posted by Pip

PC30- Darn Tootin You Audibly Gasp

It was obviously a wig! No child could contain the power of that bouffant. Most adults I know couldn't handle that kind of responsibility. Buuut it looks like our favorite cultists/religious nuts finally have a leader that pays attention to the history books and notices some patterns. Either that or part of their belief system revolves around the fact that all children are evil. I was going to make a joke and say “Just like the Amish” but then I decided not to. I harbor no ill will to the Pennsylvania Dutch and they make a fine fudge. Kudos to you, Amish people! If there are any Amish people on Rumspringa, an extra kudos (kudi?) to you for spending your Internet time wisely.

VonFroya is ready to play!

Forum post available here:

All you should need is an HTML 5 compatible browser (all the major ones are, as long as you're up to date) and to have Javascript enabled so the game runs. You may need cookies enabled if you want to save your progress. It saves your last level as an integer, so if you block everything, it may not be able to load your game if you close the window and try to play later.
That's it! No specific OS necessary and nothing to download.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Download the strategy guide here. Spoilers abound!

Known issues:
-To attack left, hold left and press space.
-Take your time on the bouncy sap. There are collision issues if you go too fast.
-If you're on a slow connection, there's going to be a delay the first time a sound plays.
-If you're overlapping too many objects or changing animations, you might fall through the platforms that you can jump through. This seems to be a hitch in the engine.