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PC31- She Needs To Watch More Ghostbusters

Priiide! Don't be such a downer. Let Lust rule a powerful, rich, and influential cult just this once. Again. What trouble could Lust really get into with an army at her side? Er, again. Ah well, they can always come back later. And don't worry, Greed, I would totally build a blasphemous shrine in your honor. You're adorable and you've earned it.

Thanks again to kind readers, the site received another donation and the counter for the next Mercs page has been reduced!

Our grand Twitter experiment has been a bit of a waste of time and has surprisingly not lead to #rafargle trending worldwide. I'm not abandoning it, but I'm not going to post the daily updates on Twitter anymore. I'll just do the end of the week and special events posts like I do with Facebook. Sooo:

That. There's a Bioware/Mass Effect joke about caving to fan pressure in there somewhere but I don't care enough about Shepard to root around for it. RSS to your heart's content but remember to keep visiting the site proper for all the fun of the chat box, forums, and bonus content.

Walking home from work tonight, I passed by Jeff and Vinny from GiantBomb. Part of me wanted to go over and say “hi” but the part of me that won out also realized that might come across as kind of creepy. I've listened to these guys for who knows how many hundreds of hours so it feels like I know them, but from their perspective, I'm just some stranger walking up to them. So what's the etiquette here? I've never encountered semi-famous people outside of a convention where they were there to talk to fans. Am I allowed to walk over and say “Hi, congrats on the new office. I'm a big fan.”? Or is that creepy/an invasion of their privacy and I did the right thing by walking by? Are there any famous/Internet-famous people in the audience that want to weigh in on this? You can use a pseudonym and I promise not to be weird and reveal your secret identity. Would you want a fan to walk up and start a conversation or would you rather keep that in the digital space?
And for the record, if you see me walking down the street, you're more than welcome to come talk to me and tell me how much you like the Bombcast. Or Sins. I would appreciate you saying you like Sins.