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Posted by Pip

PC34- Lemons Cure Peg Legs

You read it here and that means it's true: Scurvy was all a sham! It was just a ploy to let pirates bring on large enough stores of limes and lemon wedges to grace their mugs and glasses during proper out at sea benders and to flavor girly mixed drinks with loopy straws and little umbrellas. Why do you think those drinks are always so tropical or come with plastic swords to go with the umbrellas? Pirates!
Also, isn't new Envy totally selfish?! Who else is going to be the anchor? Sloth? Sloth can't be the anchor, silly rock demon!

Thanks again to our kind readers, we had another donation and the counter on Mercs has gone down once more!

We also received a rather awesome group picture from reader DracoDragite. It's a big one so click the link to view it.

Thanks, Draco! And visit his site at:

With VonFroya finished, I have some extra time, so let's get something going for community events. What do you guys want to do as a group? Something simple and fun that will be affordable and include lots of people. Some ideas I was thinking of were more art contests or Photoshop events (I draw a picture and it gets modified or I give a topic and everybody draws a picture), we could do game tournaments (Gamecenter, PSN, etc), or we could do something podcast-y like turning the mail bag into a “call-in show” where people submit videos or mp3s. We don't have to come up with the specifics just yet, but I'd like to hear your ideas or what you'd be interested in. Or we could turn to Kickstarter, raise the funds to buy a Makerbot, and start printing out Sloth figurines! I hear everybody that starts a Kickstarter becomes a millionaire, so we can get down with that.
Since it would be a common thing, I couldn't really afford physical prizes (until those Kickstarter millions kick in) but I'd be happy to give away things like wallpapers, PDFs of the books, or even character drawings for winners.
Sound off on the forum ( ), email me (, or post something in the chatbox.