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Posted by Pip

PC35- Water Water Everywhere

Look, Pride, having grown up with dogs, you don't want to push the issue on how your beast gets sick. If Anger is overwhelmed, you don't want to clean it up. You probably don't want to see Gluttony get sick either. If she had to clear out her system, she'd probably be retching for days on end and who knows what kind of garbage or small animals would fall out of her. These notes are disgusting! Let's focus on the funny hats instead. Only one arc in and they already have a silly cap on Envy.

The Mercs are going to have swollen egos in no time thanks to more donations from readers! Thanks, everybody!

The Sins's egos are beyond saving and we add two pieces of fan art to that. The first comes from DracoDragite again:

And we have a new submitter. Thanks, Cinnamon!

Head to the gallery for Draco's site and Cinnamon, if you have a page, send it in so I can link to it!

We're not done here yet! This week's TWC voting image has us ring in the start of Spring. Not everybody is keen on it though.

And our wallpaper for the month celebrates VonFroya's release, but with fame comes issues. Sequel throwdown!

And the amusing search strings that somehow led to Sins:
“murdy poo” - I don't know what that person was looking for and I by no means feel safe enough to type it back into Google, but I'm sure it would shame Murdoch.
“rhett and link” - Man, they'd be buddying up all over Hyrule, fighting monsters, and then Zelda would look at Rhett the wrong way, and Lust would totally have to beat her down. Plus, you know, they'd just try to steal all the Triforce pieces...
“how to balance out sins” - 1/9 Sloth, 1/3 Lust, 1/5 Anger, 1/5 Pride, 1/7 Envy, 1/3 Greed, 1/6 Gluttony