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Posted by Pip

PC36- Demonic Sheep

Drunk philosophy is the best philosophy! Sure drunk science may get you time machines and polar bears, but drunk philosophy will strip your soul bare, build you back up from scratch, break you again, and leave you with a worthless college degree. Zing! Take THAT, philosophers! POW! I... I actually don't know anybody with a philosophy degree and kind of liked that class myself. Plato seemed like an all right guy so I'll give you another chance, philosophers. Not like those theoretical physics losers. ZING POW!

The TWC rankings have been reset for the new month, so voting early helps extra! Prooobably shouldn't have spent the first half of these notes insulting people before asking for votes...

There should be a new Mercs page up tomorrow evening assuming I'm not beaten down by philosophers and theoretical physicists on the trip to work tomorrow. Big thanks to everybody that donated!