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Posted by Pip

PC37- Your Life Is Sad And You Should Feel Sad

Introspection just makes you feel bad! Lust was living a happy, carefree life and then Thinking had to rear its ugly head and now everybody gets sad. At least it gets everybody to ignore the fact that Lust just equated the Sins with mindless children that need help. Because they're mindless adults that need help and proud of it! Or! Pace is such a good pirate that he's fomenting war among the Forces in the guise of being of a lovable thinker...

The latest Mercs page was posted yesterday. Head on over for the end of the first mission!

Based on the feedback I got, our monthly community event will be a variety of monthly community events. Each idea got some praise so we'll try them out, see what works, and conquer from there.
In order to do the podcast/ “call in show”, I'm going to need material from our beloved Slapeggs. If you have questions for the mailbag, send them in! If you just want to send in a question and have me read and answer it, shoot me an email. If you want to read your question yourself, that's awesome too. Record it and send it in as an mp3 and I'll edit everything together and answer it “on air”. If you have material you want to contribute to it, discuss it with me and then I can have you send in an mp3 or whatnot. I think it would be fun to talk with other artists so I'll probably reach out to artists on the Links page or that I've worked with.
Post questions on the forum or send me an email at: with some mention of the podcast or mailbag.

Our first event will be an art contest. I'll post the rules next week so stay tuned!