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Posted by Pip

PC39- No Backsies

As Murdoch proved against Todd, the way to a necromancer's blackened heart is through its robes. Literally and figuratively, I guess. You could go all bad guy from Indiana Jones 2 and just rip the heart out but I meant more that Murdoch digs his spooky robes and complimenting them is the way to go. Unless Murdoch doesn't really have a heart anymore and he just replaced it with a device to circulate his golem goo around. What hath science wrought?!
Lust looks silly in her cutesy “I want a favor” dress. Let's focus more on that and less on ripping out organs.

And as always, we love Slander and are ever so thankful for her design from the great and mighty Kranna, whose heart is pink and lovely.

It's time for the first community Let's Do Something Together event! And we're starting off with an art contest!
Your theme: Rhett as a Vice/Sin- Your picture has to be of what Rhett would be like as a Sin or Vice. You have a lot of leeway with how you want to approach it. Do you want to destroy the timeline and go back to when Rhett was offered Anger's position and draw him as the full Sin? Is Rhett joining up in modern times after his time as a golem? Would Rhett join up as a Lust Vice to be with her or would he fear what kind of power that would give her over him so he instead studies under Greed? Your call!

Restrictions: Standard Sins restrictions apply. PG-13 at most. No copyrighted characters. You're giving me permission to post it on the site and you acknowledge that Rhett and the Sins are mine. Don't do anything stupid.

Submissions: Send me a link to your picture or the picture itself in an email ( Standard file formats, nothing crazy that can't be viewed by most people.
Pictures are due by the end of the month!

Prizes: First prize gets an e-book of one of the Sins collections (the ones in the Lulu store) or a free character commission by me or something or similar digital value. Second prize gets an e-book and some wallpapers.

If you have any questions, send me an email or ask in the forums:

And don't forget to send in your questions or ideas for the coming podcast! We can't have a viewer mail segment without viewer mail!