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PC40- Everybody Loved That Wig

Thunderstorm rolling in. Quick notes. More tomorrow.

Quick Review: Mr Universe- Upon buying the special, you get an email from Jim Gaffigan saying he loves you. That's right, suckers! Jim Gaffigan loves me and not you! He personally wrote to say he loves ME. Once that thrill wears off, you start it up and get an absolutely godawful theme song and intro. It's genuinely unpleasant. The special itself is funny but it goes over well-trod ground. Parenting is hard. Working out is hard. Facebook and digital photos are silly. The whole ramble about whales is funny but it's not all that different from his bit about manatees from years ago. He's at his best when talking about hotels and food, which is probably the kind of stuff you're listening to a Jim Gaffigan special for. If you're not a fan of him, nothing here will change your mind. If you are a fan, you've heard jokes of the same kind done amazingly in Beyond the Pale, but Gaffigan is one of the best comedians to take utterly banal topics and make them funny. I'm certainly not upset I supported him and going a route that bypasses a distributor middleman (you can only buy it from his website), but I was hoping for something more ambitious to match the change in distribution.

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PC40- Follow up

Yay, I'm back without being smoten by lightning from a peeved Divine being. I chose to take that as a sign that their representation in Mercynaries pleases them.
So, yep, this is totally a page where the Sins are trying to sell Murdoch on the wonders of child labor with guilt. And of course that wig was boss. Slander wasn't even there and she knows how awesome it was.