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PC41- Cue The Demonic Broom Hellspawn And Peppy Music

And the Sins and Pace's paths have diverged and another arc comes to a close. And really, isn't hearing a caretaker tell you she's proud you didn't die on her watch the best kind of love and connection?
So what kind of job does a junior necromancer get? I mean, you'd want to give him all the lousy jobs you don't want to do like genital manufacturing, but that's prooobably the first place a newly resurrected client is going to look...

Ketvanin sent in several pieces of fan art so head over to the gallery to see them:

Thanks to Ketvanin and check out his page at:

This week's TWC voting incentive gives us one more look into what the world of Sin would look like as wily robotics. Click Greed's lovable banner for the picture's cold metal unlovability!