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F2- Rhett Is THAT Hot

Oh, Rhett. He's spent so much time around the Sins that he's picked up their amazing powers of observation. None of this is really all that great to wake up to. Snarky Murd, flames, being yelled at, the inclusion of hot ladyness, Rhett gets all the trauma fun. Fauma! Traun! We'll work on it.
And for the record, the clear device Murdoch has in panel 1 is an eyeball extruder. Necromantic eyeballs, just like mom used to make!

Quick Review: Spider-Island- Humberto Ramos's art is perfect for Spider-Man. It's full of color, style, and energy with characters twisting and pointy in ways that are practically cosmically designed for Spider-Man. Unfortunately, there are some other artists that also work on the book and they range from uninteresting to kind of bad. There are some pages that have a creepy as hell looking Aunt May but most of that is in the prologue and it's short. Changing artists is a major issue I have with Marvel/DC/the big publishers. It's like having Kevin Conroy for Batman's voice. If you have somebody perfect for the role, just use that person and only that person. Instead of publishing 16 different Spiders-Man series, just have Ramos on it and I'd probably be a subscriber.
Onto the comic itself though! I'm fairly out of it on current Marvel/DC comics but the context gets you through most of it. The only major issues I had were trying to figure out what's "canon" and actually exists in the world. I avoided the whole Brand New Day mess and only know what I do from Wikipedia and Internet backlash but the whole world seems horribly inconsistent in what was carried through, what characters know, what happened in the past, and with Mary Jane. So BND was supposed to wipe out MJ and Parker's marriage but in Spider-Island, MJ and Peter buddy around and it's a major plot point that MJ and Peter have had A LOT of sex (it makes sense in context, trust me). The rest of the references are winks and nods to past comics and the history of Spider-Man and some his many (awful) alternate costumes. Spider-Island feels like an Ultimate Spider-Man story and I mean that in a really good way. It bears a strong resemblance to how USM took on the Clone Saga, so if you liked Ultimate's re-take on that story, you'll probably like this book even though it's the traditional universe. The prelude spoils most of the mystery and I'd rather they just not had those pages that spell out the whole setup.
Story/comic-wise, one of my only major gripes is how smart Peter Parker is. He's a solo hero shown to be perpetually busy and harried but now he's also an Avenger, also a member of the Fantastic Four, has a girlfriend, spends time with Aunt May, oh and he has the time to invent amazing devices that would revolutionize the world. Spider-Man is always sold as being the everyday guy that became a hero, but when he's smart enough to rival Reed Richards, it takes a lot away from him. I am A-OK with Peter Parker being a smart guy and a scientist, but when he casually unveils that he perfected cryogenic freezing in his free time, I will throw out my suspension of disbelief that previously just had me accept that “Spidey Sense” is a real and legitimate thing. Unless this is a spider-thing... Did Parker gain the proportionate scientific marvels of a spider too?