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F4- Cue The Witch Hunt

Don't you feel like a jerk for complaining now, Rhett? Murd stuck you in an oddly cute body he happened to have nearby and saved your undead butt. And gave it cute curves at the same time. Murd works for the Sins so much that it's easy to forget that he's a businessman so he gets contracted for all sorts of bodies and doesn't only have a basement full of Rhett shells. Also convenient, it's questionable whether any of them are technically human anymore so they can sit in out in the cold and probably not be bothered by it. Stupid, frail natural human body forcing me to seek shelter from the elements...

Quick Review: Ghostbusters Vol 1- The story and writing in the new, difficult to distinguish from anything else Ghostbusters because it doesn't have a subtitle comics are infinitely better than the previous IDW collections. I'm a bit bummed that they immediately went to the Stay Puft and Gozer wells for the first arc but it tells its own story and tells it well. Unlike the previous comics, it's fun AND spooky in the right mix that does the movie justice. The art is exceptional. Dan Schoening is a great match for the material and it's a wonderful mix of cartoony visuals that still make you think of the real actors. This book is LOADED with fan service. From the cartoons to the toys to the video game but it never feels cheap or the kind of Family Guy style pop culture references it could have become. Egon uses Boson Darts not to just say "Hey, remember when you used these in the game?" but because they developed that tech in the game and they're in a situation in the comic where it would be useful and they even have Peter throw in some snarky mentions of the unnamed player character while they're at it (Ghostbusters: Vegas! My inner fan boy just had a meltdown). As a fan of Ghostbusters, you'll have a fun time pouring over the references to the cartoons and toys, but even if you're not a GB fan, it's still a great comedy-horror read. I give this a total recommendation to comic fans and after reading it, I'm really sad because I don't know what happened to all my Ghostbusters toys. I had some of the really awesome ones too! Mom, Dad, care to shed some light on this matter?