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F5- Say Cheese And Crimes Against Nature

F5- Say Cheese And Crimes Against Nature

I have to say I'm rather fond of Murd and Slander's strange relationship. She started off as a babysitter and teacher so she's kind of an authority figure to him but she's been around since he was a child so she's practically family. Kind of like a crazy aunt, I guess. But on the other hand, the two have spent their lives together so they're best friends and more brother and sister than anything else. Murd is her brother from another mother. And species. And dimension...
And for all of you asking, here's our mention of Pace, Murdoch's apprentice from the previous chapter! The plucky little guy was all grown up and still hanging around Murd's place so Murdoch must have warmed up to having a minion and helper. While this current arc is several years after that picture was taken and Pace is no longer around, foul play was not involved. Pace's final fate will be brought up later but you can read easy knowing that Pace was a good apprentice, grew to be a skilled necromancer, and was buddies with Murdoch and Slander to the end.

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