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Posted by Pip

F6- She Only Uses Her Evil For Good

Slander's gossip is only used for blackmail and bringing down foreign royalty, never for arson! Unwillingly swap Rhett's body around and he gets all huffy and starts throwing out some wild accusations. Murdoch may be paranoid and suspicious but he knows the most lovable demon around wouldn't commit arson. Unless she's sleep-gossiping. I'm sure medicine exists for this totally plausible thing.
In panel four, Slander is, of course, referring to the events of the Murdoch Just Wants To Relax games where their lab was invaded. But you're all good, decent people that have checked out the games on the Swag page so you didn't really need that reminder.

I'm happy to say that Sins previews will be shown on Just The First Frame! Head on over to the site if you haven't already and check it out. I think it's a great idea and major props to Henry for making an aggregator that's actually useful to readers and helps content producers.

This week's TWC voting picture sees the birthday cake madness pass to its rightful ill-gotten master.

Today is the last day to submit an entry to the community art contest! Get it in by the end of the month!