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Posted by Pip

F7- Suspicious That Fire And Filo Both Start With F

Murd isn't thinking paranoid enough! It's totally Filo's fault Rhett is stuck like that. If Filo hadn't burst onto the scene, become so popular, and stolen Murdoch's rightful top rank amongst necromancers, Murd wouldn't have to deal with the kind of people that want sexy golems and would therefore not have had such a body on hand to hold Rhett's soul!
So... is that Lust's clothing or is Rhett just really, really prepared?

Thanks to everybody that entered the art contest and stay tuned! The winners will be announced next week once thorough judging and angry deliberation have commenced.

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The funny search strings somehow leading to Sins were a bit light last month but still enjoyable:
“2006 barbie camper chelsea stacie and skipper” - All the talk of toys and Ghostbusters toys and I don't get searches for the firehouse or Ecto-1? I get the Barbie camper...
“awesomechupacabra” - Anger is only the most awesomest!
“sloth fad” - Lies! Sloth will never go out of style!

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