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Posted by Pip

F9- Start Over From Mr Scratch

Going back to the “Murdoch Just Wants To Relax” games, Murd needed a clean sealing stone to work with and Filo was the only person that had one handy. Too ashamed to face Filo as himself, Murdoch sought Lust's help and made Filo a deal that the more lovable of the necromancers is probably regretting. Saving the Universe be damned, look after yourself first next time, Murd!

Mercs updated this weekend. Make sure you didn't miss it in a Cinco De Mayo drunken stupor that would make Lust proud.

This week's TWC voting image sees the birthday cake fall into Lust's hands for a little payback for Rhett's wish.

Kranna submitted the winning entry for our first LDST community art contest! I did some deliberating about whether I could award her the prize since she's won site events in the past, but it didn't seem right to deny that her entry was picked because of that. Kranna's description made me laugh where Rhett took over for Anger to fit the story but a more tentacled form because he thought Lust may enjoy that. Hey, we know they're a weird couple. Second place goes to DracoDragite for his picture of Rhett as an Envy. He explained it by saying that since Envy had one of the few possessions that Rhett enjoyed, that's the route Rhett would want to go. And look at that adorable collared form! Everybody had a great entry and put thought into why they gave Rhett the forms they did, and that's what I was really hoping for. A smashing success then! Kranna's entry is below but check out the gallery to see all the entries and give all the artists their kudos! Thanks to Kranna, Draco, DudeBlade, Mob8994, and Sephiroph44 for participating!

View Kranna's gallery at:

View the rest of the entries at:

Put the links to your galleries/pages on your entries next time around too! If the group from our first entries wants to re-submit their picture with a link on it, just send me an email and I'll be happy to replace the picture in the gallery.

I think May should be a game contest month, so stay tuned for more details. Then again, if you listened to the podcast, you probably know what game is foremost in my thoughts right now.