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F10- Getting Supplies Is Not Code

Murdoch throws caution, dignity, and whatever ounce of self-respect he had left in him for his “date” with Filo. Sure it's a total scam and Filo is dating a lady that neither cares about him nor is a lady, but that's about the same as what you'd get if you went clubbing and necromancers don't seem like they have much of a social scene going. Nobody wants to show up at a restaurant to find a blind date with a golem finger in its hair.

If you listened to the podcast, which you totally should have, Saurus and I mentioned some cross-over filler and the time is nigh for posting! To get caught up on this whole Lust/Trainer saga (it's three pages now, that's a saga), start with page one over at Hero in Training:

Followed by the latest page I did:

And finally, Saurus's part to finish it off:

I'll add this to the archives at the end of this arc, but for now, thanks to Saurus for his page and remember: Drunk Lust is one of the best Lusts.