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Posted by Pip

F12- A Rainbow Of Emotions

Lust without awesome hair?! Gah, it burns to see her so, so... normal! And yeesh, Rhett carries a grudge. How could you yell at Murdoch when he looks like that? Evil necromancer or not, seeing your friend in a tight, neon orange minidress is worthy of mockery, not anger. Slander at least knows where it's at. She knows a blackmail story of quality vintage she she sees it.

This month's Let's Do Something Together event is going to be a game contest and to start us off right, we're going with Jetpack Joyride! It's a free download and has some insanely catchy music, so snap it up and get playing! We're going to have two winners and the rules are NO GADGETS and the people with the highest DISTANCE TRAVELED by May 31st will be the winners. Take a snapshot (press the button and power key at the same time) of the stats screen after you die to show how mighty your Barry is and to prove you got as far as you claim. Email me the screenshot by May 31st! The winners get either a PDF download of a Sins book of their choosing, some wallpapers, or some similar prize they can make an argument for. And fair warning, I won't participate in the art events, but I can enter the game contests because they don't have subjective judging.

Email me your Gamecenter name if you want to group up or post it on the LDST thread in the forum:

I'm on Gamecenter as SinComics, of course, or you can use my email address:

This week's TWC sees the birthday cake and its wishes fall into evil hands that want to corrupt the magic of blowing out candles. No, not a birthday clown.