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F14- Golems Gone Wild

If you can't trust your friends to pimp you out to your mortal enemies, who can you trust? Alternatively... Man, Lust is a jerk head. Next she'll be setting up romantic candles and playing soothing violin music just to mess with Murd some more. But that's the price you pay! Make a deal with a devil and you suffer. Make a deal with a demonic avatar of lust and you wake up the next morning full of regret. I'm fairly certain that's a Bible quote. It's in the back somewhere.
Doesn't “busyness” totally look like it's not a real word? It's looks like the kind of word I'd make up for these notes sections but it's official. I think it's the “y” that makes it look off.

Quick Review: Mega Man Megamix Volumes 2 and 3- The praise I have for the second and third volumes of Ariga's Mega Man comics treads a lot of the same ground as my review for the first volume so I'll keep it quick. He continues to have great characterization and there are few cases where I'd quibble with the personalities he gives the Robot Masters. I think Bright Man is the only one I'd really change. Ariga presents Bright as a mewling coward but I picture him as more of a complete jerk. I think its inherent to the “stopping time”-esq power set. If you can freeze other people, you'd probably do some really dickish things to them while they're stunned, but thinking that probably reveals more about me than a problem with the way the character is written. Skullman, though, goes from being a rather cheesy boss to kind of kick ass in the comic. They take A LOT of liberties with the character but they justify them well with his role in the Dr. Cossack/Dr. Wily feud. Bass shows up in these volumes and is written and drawn as a total nutjob who spends 90% of his panels with his pupils dilated and fanged gritted teeth. I love it.
The series's art has a style of its own when compared to the games but it's still distinctly Mega Man, fits the characters, and is really well done. Compare that to the Archie Mega Man series that's running right
now and the US one is... kind of ugly. It's not the TV show levels of bad, it's just not nearly as charming as the recent game art or Ariga's art. I mentioned it in the review of the first volume, but I adore the books' ways of justifying the Robot Masters' weaknesses. Pharaoh Man is weak to Bright Man because since Pharaoh Man is used for archeology and exploring tombs, his eyes are adjusted to amplify low light and to work in the dark so Bright Man's weapon freezes Pharaoh Man because it overloads his optic sensors and he has to shut down to adjust. Yes! That sounds like science. Glorious, ridiculous science.

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Image Quality

How have the comics pages looked to everybody over the past few days? It looks fine for me in IE but in Chrome, I see a lot of artifacts or distorted colors around the edges. Is anybody else seeing that?